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Vladike Nikolaja Velimirovića 2, 34310, Topola, +381-34-6813-790

Apartments Tri "O" Topola

Apartments Tri "O" are in Topola, and are owned by the company Tri "O" from Arandjelovac. It’s location is in the center of Topola close to Oplenac. Distance from Belgrade is 80 km by highway Belgrade - Mladenovac - Topola - G.Milanovac - Cacak - Uzice.

The apartments have 10 units which makes high-quality accommodation for 34 people. All suites are extremely comfortable, measuring 35 to 80 m², with a spacious terrace that offers stunning views of the Oplenac. The apartments have twin beds or a double bed, shower, TV, telephone, air conditioning, mini bar, hair dryer, kitchenette for guests personal needs, as well as free and unlimited internet access. For complete rest and relaxation, guests are offered garden-terrace and coffee bar.
The reception working hours are from 00 - 24h. Our friendly staff will do their best to make your stay pleasant and completely relaxed so that you will not believe that one little spot in the heart of Šumadija can provide you with such pleasure and relaxation.

Optional excursions
As part of its services Apartments Tri "O" also offer a tourist site seeing: tours of Oplenca and cultural monuments in Topola, visit to the renowned wine cellar "Aleksandrović" in Vinca, a tour of the equestrian club "Arandelovac". In the summer time, guests can enjoy the nearby swimming pool and aqua park hotel "Izvor" in Aranđelovac, which is reachable by car in just 15 minutes. Great addition to staying in these parts is the vicinity of monuments of great historical and artistic value. On Oplenac is a historical memorial complex which includes the Church of St. George, the Mausoleum of the Serbian Royal family Karadjordjević, King’s vineyards, Museum Vinogradareva kuca, the house of King Petar I, King’s mansion, Queen’s mansion, Karađorđe church, Karađorđe monument.

Dental tourism

As part of our service we also offer dental tourism.

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Tri-O Garni Hotel,
Vojislava Kalanovića 3, 34000, Kragujevac
Tel.: +381-34-353-764
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Tri-O Apartmani,
Vladike Nikolaja Velimirovića 2, 34310, Topola
Tel.: +381-34-6813-790
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